What is typical timing for an order?

Production lead times depend on a number of different variables. The key is knowing and mananging your expectations at the very beginning of each project.

Three of the biggest challenges for promotional products and decorated appararel are:  

  • Delivering an order on time.
  • Decorating or branding a product correctly.
  • Managing expectations with proactive communications.

When you place an order, production time can be:

  • 24 hours 
  • 24-48 hours
  • 7-10 days (Normal)
  • Longer

Like anything else, finding the right promotional product or decorated apparel comes down to any number of variables. It's important to have a good understanding about how to manage the process and expectations in order to ensure that everything goes correctly. We manage the entire process for you. You just have to let us know your expectations at the very beginning. We'll give you an honest answer and do our very best. 

Normal Production

"Typical" or "normal" production time should be between 7-10 business days, this would include standard shipping. And your product possibilities are endless.

There are thousands of products, with a large selection of colors, for just about every budget that fall into this category.  This falls into the "no brainer" category.  Find the product, place the order, manage the order process, deliver the product.  Sounds and is pretty straight forward.  

The key for this to be successful is managing the order process. Sounds simple, but can sometimes be challenging. Delivering your order on time is great, but if your logo is not correct, that's a problem. 

Work with a company who understands and knows how to do this in their sleep!

Less Than Normal Production Time

Anything less than 5 production days we would classify as less than normal.

However, this too, should be a "no brainer". Just as long as you have an understanding about what you're dealing with.

In this situation:

  • The "universe" of products that you have is less.  It's not crazy less, but it is indeed less.
  • You are relegated to more "in stock" options, sizes, and colors.
    • Forget about matching PMS colors. It's not happening. 
  • There is a set of rules or processes that are set in place to ensure quick production. These rules may include
    • If you need an order to ship within 24 hours, your order has to be placed by a certain time the day before
    • We need to the correct artwork in the right format.
    • If you need a proof, there is a good chance this will not happen.
    • As we said earlier, your product choices can be less.
  • It's important to understand the difference between "ship" and "in hands".
    • When placing this type of order, your order can take 24-48 hours to ship, but that is different than having is "in hands" in that time frame.
    • Having your order "in hands" will depend on how you'd like it shipped. 
  • You should expect to pay NO RUSH charges.

The key with any order is communication and managing expectations. It's important to work with a company that understands the importance of both.  This company should be very thorough in making sure that you get the products that you want, decorated correctly, within your budget and on time.

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