A Selfie Solution

Our Selfie Solution combines a powerful cloud-based social media and analytics application with versatile Selfie Stands designed to match your brand. You have the power to watch your customers become your brand ambassadors; covering their networks with your company branded Smart Selfies. Smart Selfies are the branded postcard that each customer shares with their network.

Imagine being able to view real-time positive guest experiences and at the same time encourage your visitors to take action in the moment through custom banner ads attached to each Smart Selfie postcard.

Our solution allows you to…

Monitor your Marketing Efforts:

  • Track guest engagement
  • View shared selfies in real time
  • Measure reach and postcard views
  • Monitor media impressions
  • Check ad click-throughs
  • Capture user profiles to identify target audience by age, gender, city and country of origin.

Generate Leads Through:

  • Email capture
  • SMS (Text)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Create Promotional Advertisements:

  • You have the power to change banner ads based on promotional offers. It could be an event calendar, a coupon, a call to action, there is no limit!
  • Measure across different campaigns to see what is most effective for your brand
  • Encourage guests to come back to engage with your brand
  • Automated bounceback offers attached to each selfie

Let your guests generate your content:

  • There is nothing more powerful than an endorsement from a happy guest
  • Provide prospective guests with social proof
  • Automatically connect your brand to the social networks of your guests

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