Why Buy A Trade Show Booth When You Can Rent One? 

March, 2018

In my business, I go to a lot of trade shows and conferences. I always check out all the signage, exhibits and displays.

Some are good. 

Some are ok. 

Some, I wonder why the exhibitor even bothered to exhibit in the first place. 

All are intended to draw attendees to an exhibitor's booth.

Your Reason For Being There

If you're an exhibitor and you want to do it right, you really need to put some thought and money into your efforts. One of your biggest trade show, conference, or exhibit expenses is more than likely going to be the cost of your booth.

Not just the cost for the trade show, but the actual cost of your branding and messaging. In other words, how you present yourself at the event, which will hopefully translate into helping to achieve your sales and marketing objectives for being there. 

The marketing dollars can add up pretty quickly.

  • Cost of the event.
  • Employee and associate costs.
  • Meals, travel, entertainment. 
  • Promotional products and logoed apparel
  • Signage and trade show booth. 

If you're buying a trade show booth, it is not an inexpensive proposition! A trade show booth can be a big investment.   You need to really put a lot of effort into making sure that you're getting one that is flexible and will last.

If you're going down this road, it's important to buy a trade show booth that can stand the rigors and the test of time. 

Ever Thought About Renting A Trade Show Booth?

An alternative to buying is renting. Renting a trade show booth is a cost-effective alternative and provides the opportunity to “try before you buy” so you can evaluate what works best for your event and exhibiting needs. 

When you are planning for your trade show, I'm sure that you look at your budget. Renting a trade show booth can save your marketing dollars, plus give you the flexibility to tailor your booth for each audience and each show. 

trade show booth rental

If you're looking for a quick, easy and cost-effecting display solution, look no further! With the opportunity to "try before you buy" rental displays can save you precious marketing dollars and a ton of flexibility and options. 

If you'd like to learn more about our rental options or are in the market to buy one, please contact us. We have solutions for every budget. 

You have a world of rental options, take a look...

Rich Mistkowski

Written by Rich Mistkowski

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