Promotional Countdown Timer

January, 2017

We're all busy. You know who is especially busy?

Your customers, your prospects, your employees, and even your vendors.

We're all so busy, that we need reminders to do something.

  • A text message letting me know that a meeting is starting.
  • An email reminding me that I have my daughter's conference tomorrow afternoon.
  • A phone call telling me that I need to pay a bill.

How about when you don't have any of those things handy? For instance you don't have someone's email address, their address, or a phone number.

A Reminder For People That You Don't Know

One of our client's does an annual conference. The conference happens around the same time each year. The conference attracts a lot of attendees. But, like everything else, it's not easy to get attendees to commit each year. Things happen, we all get busy, and we forget.

I typically have a good understanding of our respective client's business challenges. So we are constantly looking for ways to help them grow their business or increase their attendance.

Just Remind Them

In the back of my mind, I had an idea that I thought would work.

Let's give everyone at the conference a reminder to take home with them. A reminder that is pre-programmed to go off with an alarm on a certain date. When that alarm goes off, they will be rewarded with something when they take some sort of action.

Something that "sort of" looks like this




This is a mock up of an idea that we had for one of our clients. It's a countdown timer that is part of a promotion.

The countdown timer

  • Would be sponsored by an exhibitor.
  • Is the size of a credit card with plenty of room for your brand or message.
  • Has a magnet on the back or a kick stand. Can go onto any metal surface or sit on your desk.
  • Would be handed out to select attendees or all attendees.
  • The alarm was set to go off on a specific date.
  • The promotion had some social media components.
  • When the alarm went off, the attendee would take specific actions to receive the reward. In this case it was a discount to the next conference.

It's very simple and an cost effective way to stay top of mind for a long time.

Other ways that a countdown timer could used include

Countdown to College

countdown to college.jpg

Countdown to your next Mammogram

countdown to mamogram.jpg

Countdown to vacation

countdown to vacation.jpg

Countdown to corporate incentive trip

corporate incentive countdown.jpg

Countdown to pet medication

countdown to pet med.jpg

Countdown to oil change

oil change countdown.jpg

Some Final Thoughts

In our business, we see lots of ideas that are "hot, cool, trendy" every day. But sometimes simplicity is the best answer. To me, this is such a great way to keep your brand or message in front of someone important for such a long time.

The reasons I really like this idea:

  • It's simple and effective.
  • You get a large print area with the ability to do a full color message.
  • You can tie it into a larger promotion.
  • It's cost effective. The price ultimately depends on the quantity and how many alarms, but is in the $4 each range.
  • It can stay top of mind for a long, long time.

A countdown timer can be used in any number of marketing situations. Both internal marketing or when you are marketing to your employees. The possibilities are endless.

If you'd like to learn more or do some brainstorming about how a countdown timer can work for you, please contact us.

Contact us to learn more about using a countdown  timer for your next promotion?





Rich Mistkowski

Written by Rich Mistkowski

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