A Beach Towel Has Incredible Long Lasting Staying Power

May, 2017

When you invest in promotional products, you don't want to give your customers something they'll toss after a couple of days.  You want to give them something that they'll hang on to for a while, right? 

Here's a "pop quiz" for you.

We are heading into the warm weather. Lots of outdoor events coming up. Company picnics, outdoor meetings, beach events, fund raising events, golf events.  

There is one product that I have in my mind that has incredible staying power. It's a promo product that could last upwards of 15 years. 

Got it yet? 

A beach towel!

  • Did you know that the average life span of a beach towel is 15 years?  Think about it, when was the last time you threw one away?  That means your logo could be going everywhere from the community pool, to the beach, the golf course to the park with your customers for a long, long time!
  • It's a great gift for men and women of all ages.
  • It's got a huge imprint area for your message or branding. No cramming your logo on this!
  • No sizing issues. One size fits all!

A beach towel is great for:

  • Family reunions
  • Corporate and travel events
  • Company picnics
  • Universities, professional service firms, food & beverage companies. Basically, every industry could find a use for a nice beach towel.

Here are some of my favorites:

a sand repellent beach towel that dries quickly


this midweight towel is the perfect combination of quality and price

versatile beach towel with pockets for carrying valuables


towel with signed names

To illustrate my point. Just below is a picture of a beach towel that I got at a national sales meeting when I worked at Staples in 1997.  This towel has taken a beating, but I still use it. 20 years old!

20 year old beach towel

It's important to note the budget range for a nice beach towel.  Depending on your quantity, you can expect to spend $10, $15, or $20 plus.  This is one of those products where you really do "get what you pay for". 

As always, I'd recommend that if you're seriously looking for a warm weather idea, and a beach towel is a possibility, get a sample first. If you're unsure or torn between a couple different options, ask for samples of each towel.  

If you have a summer project coming up and you'd like some ideas or you need a sample, please contact us. 


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