A Referral Can Earn Your Organization Cash

As a family run business, we have a tremendous interest in our community and in helping non profit organizations raise money. Down syndrome, breast cancer, and stomach cancer are especially important to me. We do everything we possibly can to help raise awareness for these organizations.

I know how important it is and how difficult it is for non profit organizations, schools, and teams to raise money.  As a business owner, I also know the demands that are placed on local businesses to contribute to their communities. 

Word Of Mouth Goes A Long Way

There is nothing better than good old fashioned word of mouth marketing. In other words, a referral. Think about it. If someone you know suggests that you talk to someone, how likely is it that will, at the very least, give them a few minutes for a quick chat.

So, we've developed a referral program that is designed to help support the fund raising efforts of local or national non professional organizations. 

Refer A Business To Earn Cash

It's old school "word of mouth" marketing.  And it's very simple. If you know a business or organization (and you do) who you think could use one of Marblehead Marketing's services, simply refer them to us. And we'll contact them. 

If they place an order, we'll send you an American Express Gift Card!

  • $500 order = $50 gift card
  • $1000 order = $100 gift card
  • $2500 order = $250 gift card
  • $5000 order = $500 gift card 

People who would make a perfect referral:

  • Someone in marketing (VP, Directors, Managers)
  • Sales people
  • Business Owners 
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • People involved in non-profits

All you have to do is give it a few minutes of thought or go through your LinkedIn contacts. Think about who you know who could needs 

  • Logoed or promotional products
  • Apparel that is embroidered or screen printed
  • Holiday gifts for customers or employees 
  • Awards and recognition ideas
  • Safety programs

We think that this program has a lot to offer for any organization that is augment their fund raising efforts. It really is very simple.  

If you have any questions about how this program may work for your organization, please feel free to give me a call, send me a text, or fill out the form below. 





Rich Mistkowski

Email: rich.mistkowski@proforma.com

Mobile: 908-507-2151






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