Ask For A Sample Before You Put Your Brand On Your Next Promotional Product

By Rich Mistkowski posted in Marketing Tips, Promo Tips

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I'm sure that every business does their very best on each order.  A big key towards staying in business.

However, no matter how hard you try, things happen. We've been in business since 2001, so there really isn't a whole lot that I haven't seen. 

We manage the entire order process for our customers.  In many cases, this means coming up with just the right promotional product. 

We use experience, catalogs, online tools to help us find that perfect product.  And we know our product lines very well.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

But a sample is priceless.

A picture is a fantastic way to see a promotional product. And sometimes time just is not on our side. But, in many cases, we will always recommend getting a sample for our customers. Especially if it's a product we have not seen before. 

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9 Heart Shaped Ideas To Help Your Business Stay Top Of Mind

By Rich Mistkowski posted in Holiday Promo Ideas, Special Occasion Promos

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As Valentine's Day approaches, the first thing that you think about is what are you going to get the special someone in your life?

And that should be exactly what you're thinking. If you know what's good for you!

Got To Have Some Heart

But how about for your marketing efforts?

Do you have some customers that you'd like to reach out and touch?

How about your prospects?

Or how about doing a little something for your employees?

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3 Women's Sweatshirts That Will Look Great With Your Branding

By Rich Mistkowski posted in Decorated Apparel Ideas, Women's Apparel, Sweatshirts

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In the "old days" women had to settle for a sweatshirt with your branding on it that was unisex. That, pretty much meant settling for a sweatshirt that was big and boxy.

Those days are gone.

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10 Winter Headwear Ideas To Showcase Your Brand

By Rich Mistkowski posted in Headwear Ideas

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I know. You love putting your logo on baseball or golf caps. I know this because there is nothing better than a great lid for most types of weather.

But it's freezing outside. And my head (trust me) needs to be warm.

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Promotional Countdown Timer

By Rich Mistkowski posted in Special Promotions

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We're all busy. You know who is especially busy?

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